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A few words from my clients...

“I am an asthma sufferer and my family had suggested that I should try reflexology. I was unsure in the beginning whether I would notice any effect after treatment. After taking the plunge, I had my first reflexology treatment with Wendy and she made me feel totally relaxed and explained how reflexology might be able to help with my symptoms. Since I started the treatments I have definitely noticed an improvement. My breathing is steadier and I’ve halved my steroids, sleeping right through the night.  I will definitely be recommending reflexology to my friends.”                                   

Susan Walls, Barkingside.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology session. I felt relaxed, soothed ad couldn’t wait for my next treatment.  I would recommend Wendy to friends and family.”

Jennifer, Essex

“I had been feeling under the weather for a while. Symptoms included tingling on the side of my face, a stuffy nose and constant earache. A friend recommended that I try reflexology. To be honest I was a bit sceptical. During my first session Wendy asked if I was having trouble with my sinuses. During the subsequent treatments Wendy noticed that my sinuses were constantly blocked. On her recommendation I went to my Doctor who sent me to see a specialist. I am pleased to say that after a small operation I have had no more problems."

Yvonne Duncan, Woodford Green.

"I have had the pleasure of Wendy´s Reflexology treatments quite a few times and must say that every time my feet felt rejuvenated and very light and soft.  But the most noticeable effects I normally experience the day after when my mind feels clear and unobstructed, my body fresh and full of energy and I feel like I can achieve anything I want to!"

Claudia Bajerke

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