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Why Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient art of foot massage working the meridian lines in the body, and unblocking any build-up of calcium in these areas. The art has been traced back to Egyptian times and has been developed over the decades by great pioneers in the complimentary medical world. Dr William Fitzgerald developed the use of zone therapy in the early 1900 where he did extensive studies relating to the meridian lines in the body and their effect on the organs that lay along their path. 


Further development in Zone Therapy was made in the 1930’s by   Eunice Ingram.   Eunice developed the modern techniques of thumb walking or as it is now known, reflexology. Her techniques are still used today.  Reflexology treats the whole body, and is beneficial in aiding a vast number of ailments. You can treat reflexology via the feet, hands and face. The pressure used by the reflexologist can be altered to suit to client, massage can be feather light, gentle, firm or stimulating.

Reflexologists can’t claim to cure or diagnose but will suggest referrals to other complimentary or conventional health experts when necessary.

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