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Why reflexology can trigger an emotional response

It is not usual to suddenly become emotional during a reflexology session . Many clients get shocked by this natural body response , and will try to suppress the tears. During the treatment certain reflex points can unblock deep held suppressed emotions. The endocrine system springs into action trying to rid the body of the emotional blockage. The endocrine system sends electrical impulses via the central nervous system to the lacrimal gland , which forms tears and releases them.

The clients that release the tears will feel an overwhelming sense of relief. They can feel a mixture of sensations in the body such a a fast rush of oxygen and blood flow to the diaphragm , stomach and frontal lobe. A tugging or pulling sensation as the body is trying to let go of these pent up emotions.
If your clients do have an emotional reaction it is beneficial to them to have weekly treatments for 4 to 6 weeks to help completely rebalance the nervous system.

As part of the healing crisis your client may experience some of the following symptoms; mild headache, feeling tired or tearful. Encourage your clients to increase their water intake for a few days and to have a quiet restful evening after the treatment to help the body’s healing process.

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